I love lists, so here’s a non-exhaustive one of what I can help you with. Giving you time to concentrate on the bigger, picture and get that item off your list…

Daily Virtual Office Management

From daily office management tasks to recruitment, organising files or procuring new services and setting up new brilliant systems to make you more productive. Setting up new Trello boards or sorting your online Google drive. Organising you to be more effective.

Social Media Marketing

Strategy and campaign work and reports and audits as well as day to day social media management. I can set you up and get you going on Social Media. Specialising in all the main Social Media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Various bespoke packages are available so please contact me for more details.

Online Business Management

From updating and maintaining your website and giving it an up to date polish. Migrating content and producing Google Analytic reports. Managing and cleaning your database and setting up new CRM systems.

Copy Writing

How long has writing some new blog posts for your website been on your to do list? Outsource them to me. I’ll research and find an image and prepare any graphics to go with them.

Online Marketing

Updating and producing Marketing materials creating/formatting presentations in PowerPoint, Pages and Google Slides. Producing documentation and graphics in line with your brand and marketing objectives. Managing your online email marketing and setting up new lists and designing newsletters in Mailchimp. Mystified by Google Ads? Get in touch!

Event Planning and Production

Private dinner to a launch event or a conference. Managing your events from finding the right venue and sending the invitations to on the day site support. Using smart tools that save time and costs.

I offer various packages for support, from fixed hour retainers each month to ad-hoc pay-as-you-go. Prices start from £30 per hour. Please contact me for more details…

How to make your time super productive by delegating to a Virtual Assistant and save yourself 10 hours a week..!

Think of the possibilities and what you could achieve if you delegate and the time it could give you back!

Here are some ideas as to what you can outsource to me. Remember a Virtual Assistant is there to save you time not add to your task list! Delegation is key!

  • Updating your website

  • Email marketing campaigns – creating designing and setting up

  • Social Media all of it, or some of it or just some training

  • Writing blog posts and creating new graphics

  • Admin, research, general paperwork processing and chasing invoices

  • Setting up new processes and systems – new technology – new apps

Kim has been an integral part of my team for the last couple of years. I can honestly say she's become my right hand woman!

I ALWAYS rely on Kim, she's never once let me down and consistently over delivers.

Also... what she doesn't know about a hashtag quite frankly isn't worth knowing!

I’d love to help you save time by creating content in your voice on social media.