Planning productivity and monthly cycles Why six-twelve is best

Do you find that sometimes you have no motivation and other days you can take on the world? Some days it’s so hard to be productive and creative and on other days ideas just fly off the paper? Most of the time if you are a female it’s not in your mind, it’s your hormones. If you want to know which days of the month you can utilise your time to be more productive, then read on…

New Year’s resolutions and my Digital Mum’s journey

New Year is all about reflection and for me, 2017 was quite a year! So much so that I decided to make some resolutions for 2018. I don’t normally but this year I have made two; the first is to rebalance my life and reflect on how I can be more present, which is hard when you are a Virtual Assistant working online offering online business support and social media services for clients!

Thinking differently about January

January has long been associated with new beginnings. As humans, we thrive on achievement and achieving. 4000 years ago, the ancient Babylon’s through their rituals believed that world was symbolically cleansed and renewed by the gods in preparation for the New Year and Spring.