Will hashtags help me grow my Instagram account?

The million dollar question? Should I use Hashtags on my Instagram posts? Will they help me grow?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is you need to be strategic.

Hashtags amplify great content on Instagram and aren’t just a magic silver bullet. They will help your content reach a bigger audience, but you need to use them strategically. You can’t just thow some up there and hope for the best, as with all things Instagram you need to be strategic.

They are one part of the ingredient of a successful Instagram strategy.

You need to use the right hashtags, not those in the millions. If your account is small, you must use smaller hashtags relevant to your content and business. Think of your hashtags like a search library, they need to be specific and relevant. Try and get a balance of small, medium and large hashtags. To do this you can use an app like Flick to research and analyse your hashtags.

Never cut and paste your hashtags and change them up each time you post, otherwise they do become ineffective.

How many hashtags should I use on my Instagram posts?

There’s much debate about this; experimentation is key.
Instagram gives you 30 hashtags. Thirty opportunities for someone to search for a hashtag you’ve used and they might be following.

So use them.

If you find your reach dropping off, experiment with more or less. Check your insights on Instagram to see how far your hashtags are taking your content.

Rule of thumb if you see that your Instagram posts show that your posts are reaching people that aren’t following you and that they’re seeing you via hashtags then you’re doing a good job.

If you’d like to know more about Instagram then go to this article here

If you’d like help with hashtag research and how to be strategic with your hashtags please get in touch.

As one of my clients said “what Kim doesn’t know about hashtags isn’t worth knowing!”

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